Web Marketing

Web Marketing

As part of the website design process I always have marketing in mind. If you wish me to help market your site on the web I can provide a comprehensive service to help get your website found in search engines.

We build web our web sites to the latest standards as they become widely accepted and this is the first step to promoting your web site. The next steps involve a combination of good hosting, well defined pages, frequent updates to your site and well thought out and utilised keywords within the text of your pages and good use of social media.

Very often when we are asked to promote an existing web site we would recommend a partial or full rebuild - the web is a living, changing entity and some sites, if not updated will simply disappear from search engine results.

Here's an excerpt from one of our web site quotes which explains a little about our procedures.

"To help us develop your site why not carry out a search for the type of product or service you are offering and see how many results Google shows you - you will see what you are up against and it will also help us to establish the right key phrases to include in your own site. The web is very democratic – the more important your site is deemed to be the higher a ranking you will achieve.

We will use all means possible to make your site ‘more important’ than your competitors’ by using as many incoming links as we can. Each quality link from one page (or site) to another is classed as a vote for that site (or page). Search engines use a vast range of criteria to rank a site’s importance and this range is continually changing so any tools we have at our disposal we will try to use as efficiently as possible. Things you can do to help your site gain a better ranking could include the following:

Do a search on google as you would expect a potential client to do, during which you should look through the results and see where they are coming from. Some links will be from sites that are actually directories of categorised sites – some of these directories will give you a free listing whilst others such as TouchNottingham will charge you a yearly fee to be included. It is up to you to decide how useful something like this would be but we believe it would be a good idea for your business to set aside a yearly budget for this kind of service especially as you are up against competition that already has an established web presence. We would be pleased to help you select the relevant directories but we can’t recommend or guarantee their success - sorry about that bit of a disclaimer but it is one of those areas where return on investment is hard to measure. What we would say is don’t put all your eggs in one basket but use the full range of marketing tools available."