One Year on and Still Standing

Chris Fickling Design is one year old today - it also marks one year of working at a stand-up desk...

I've been self-employed for around 12 years now but Chris Fickling Design is one year old today so I'd just like to say a very warm thank you to clients past and present, to those who have worked with me for many years and to those who are just beginning their journey with me, as I develop their websites.

It's been a busy first year with all the ups and downs you'd expect in a new business. Luckily my past experience has helped me to keep a cool head and I've produced more work than ever in a relaxed but structured environment. I set myself some clear goals at the beginnning of this business and I'm glad to say they've come to fruition.

My Stand-up Desk
My Stand-up Desk

Working at a Stand-up Desk

One of the biggest changes I've made from the outset of the business, was to work at a stand-up desk. After 11 or so years sitting down, it was a big decision but I'm glad I've stuck with it. Yes I get the occasional swollen ankle and a bit of back ache but a walk in the park (luckily I live close to an excellent one) or a cup of tea and a sit down for 5 minutes every now and then, alleviates that.

A park on my doorstep
Woodthrorpe Park is on my doorstep

Working from Home

Having previously rented an office in the city centre I was unsure if working from home would be the right thing to do. I find that the cut in overheads affords me more time to concentrate on projects without watching the clock too much. I have space to work in and you can't beat nipping outside to do a bit of gardening whilst working out ideas or waiting for inspiration - there's something about getting fresh air now and then, that helps with the creative process. It's also good to get to the gym and play very competitive games of tennis a couple of times a week.

Thank You

Hopefully over the past year I've lived up to the expectations of clients far and wide. I get a thrill working with new clients and I enjoy coming to understand how a wide variety of businesses work. Everyone is different and this keeps me on my toes. So thank you again to my clients, for your support and for making my life very interesting.

One Year on and Still Standing