Website Design for Gemma Levine

It was an honour to work with Gemma to build a website that showcases selected works from her photography portfolio and collected publications.

Gemma Levine is a world-renowned photographer and author of 22 books. Her photography subjects range from; nobility, to stars of the theatre and some of the major political figures of the 20th century.

Gemma has shown more than 60 exhibitions around the world, including a celebration of 25 years of her work, at the London National Portrait Gallery in 2001. Images from her extensive archive are regularly seen in the media.

Currently (January 2021) Gemma is about to publish her latest book "Covid Thoughts". During the pandemic Gemma invited 40 people to write their 'Covid Thoughts' while she photographed each one of them. The project is supported by many famous people and is prefaced by Dame Judi Dench.

Proceeds from book sales to - Lymphoedema Research Charity, at St George's Hospital.

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Website Design for Gemma Levine