New Website For Carla's Brides

A bridal shop in Nottingham was finding it difficult to manage their old website that was built in Wordpress. I was able to rebuild their site in Modx and give them a fresh, clean look whilst incorporating a mobile-friendly framework.

Sisters Nicola and Carla were doing a great job of looking after their old Wordpress website but it wasn't being so kind to them. The design was cluttered and the way wedding dresses were displayed didn't do them justice.

As soon as I was given the go ahead to work on their new site, I began by organising their images and ensuring they could be displayed clearly across a range of devices from mobiles to desktop.

My aim with the new site, was to make it easy for Carla and Nicola to update and also make it a pleasure for site visitors to browse. After a short lesson in saving images for the web and some advice on writing blog posts, they were soon flying through the site, updating pages with new dress styles and adding new blog posts.

I think the site stands up very well against the competition and Carla's Brides are already seeing higher number of inquiries. You can visit Carla's Brides new website here...

New Website For Carla's Brides